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This small collection of stories is about … … Few breaths of happiness and a few moments of satisfaction, A life with this part of mother earth, and that portion of the magnificent sky, Living with countless dreams and a bag of emotions.Sea like aspirations and high-rise expectations. A diary, full of untold words and numerous confused affections, Quoting air like talks and sand resembling relationships. These days full of jealousy and those nights full of repentance, A wave, a blaze of warm water, and a winged hot vapor, Roving with few strange fellow travelers' presence.Feelings of accomplishment and desires for emptiness,A canvass, saving its shades in rainy days and alone ways, Hiding its forgotten pages, and scattered brightness... And represents colours of thoughts of a young person, which are the by product of dealings of his “I”, “Ego”, and “Super Ego”. Those 'Colours' include happiness, time; changing definitions of relations, frustration, imagination, struggle among other things.

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