Pratik Vivek Bhamre

Pratik Bhamre, a visionary wordsmith weaving realms of science fiction and fantasy with pen and imagination.

Kartikey Grover

What do eyes that have poetry see in a poem, maybe a thing called Home.

Avijit Mitra

Avijit Mitra is a dedicated parent, husband, filmmaker, novelist, chess-player, tennis-player, and a whodunnit reader.

Jayneet Sudhir Patel

Shailesh Kumar

Operations Leader, IITian, Author in making (will always be)

Rengarajan Alagar

HR professional, story teller, A doting father

Prajeet Budhale

Entrepreneur, Consultant, Coach, Trainer, Author

Purbasha Ghosh


Hiba Maria

Striving to do better each day.

Shivank Faujdar

Shivank Faujdar is a full of stories, many fictional and many lived

Robertti Gamarra Acosta

Creative writer who mixes real stories with fiction.

1942 Amsterdam Ave NY (212) 862-3680
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