A Seeker

J U Menon

J.U. Menon is a storyteller and scientist, wielding both the pen and the test tube with equal finesse.

Hornbill Harcel

Masterfully blending genres like Chalk and Cheese, Hornbill Harcel crafts narratives that defy convention and captivates readers.

Pratik Vivek Bhamre

Pratik Bhamre, a visionary wordsmith weaving realms of science fiction and fantasy with pen and imagination.

Kartikey Grover

What do eyes that have poetry see in a poem, maybe a thing called Home.

Avijit Mitra

Avijit Mitra is a dedicated parent, husband, filmmaker, novelist, chess-player, tennis-player, and a whodunnit reader.

Jayneet Sudhir Patel

Shailesh Kumar

Operations Leader, IITian, Author in making (will always be)

Rengarajan Alagar

HR professional, story teller, A doting father

Prajeet Budhale

Entrepreneur, Consultant, Coach, Trainer, Author

Purbasha Ghosh


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