Leadstart Manuscript Evaluation Metrics

We have been researching and fine-tuning a manuscript selection procedure to ensure optimal gain to risk ratio for any project. This research has carefully examined several books (both by us and other publishers), before arriving at the following metrics. This is one of the most evolved methods to calculate the scope of success for a book.

Rating of a manuscript happens on a scale of -3 to +3 on each of the five points mentioned below:


1.  Publisher’s Requirements

These are the genres that we would want to invest in and have nothing to do with the quality of the manuscript. Scale: -3 to +3 (Average score of the sub points is considered).

Genre (e.g. say this year Leadstart is going to invest heavily in Non–Fiction. Hence Non-Fiction titles will get a ‘+3’, while other genres will have ratings between -3 to + 

Sub-Genre (e.g. say, this year we would like to build our titles around global trends, global personalities & global news, the books on President Obama, business biographies, investment, etc. will receive +3)


2. Writer Credentials

Points assigned to the market pull the author’s name has. Scale: -3 to +3 (Average score of the sub points is considered)

Well-known published author
Author’s popularity (first-time author but very popular eg. Lakshmi Mittal, Shahrukh Khan, David Beckham, will receive the highest grades)


3. Market Viability

This parameter is based on our market information system and demographics of the people who will be probable buyers for the book. Scale: -3 to +3 (Average score of the sub points is considered)

Target Group
Socio economic classification (A to E)
Age bracket
Geography (country, metro, mini-metro, etc)


4. Script Quality

Scale: -6 to +6 (Average score of the sub points is considered)
Skeleton script
Body of script


5. Scope for Scaling

Scale: -3 to +3 (Average score of the sub points is considered)


Scope to sell in different geographies (e.g. scripts on arithmetic, yoga, nutrition, President Obama, etc. can be effectively scaled globally)

Content Syndication: Probability of the content being syndicated to different mediums (will news papers/websites pay for the content if they use it – e.g. Lose Weight Naturally can become a book and chapters of the book can be used by a newspaper or website and pay for the content used).

Parallel mediums: Whether the book can be sold as a movie script or be made into a TV show, etc.).


In the business of creativity there are no set rules for success. The attempt here is to ensure the risk on each project is minimised. Post assigning points to each manuscript (ranging from – 18 to +18), we make a decision on acceptance. We only consider books with scores of + 5.The benchmarks keep moving higher during times of slowdown when more material is generated.


NOTE: The above mentioned metrics is the Intellectual Property of One Point Six Technologies Private Limited. All copyrights for the same are reserved. Please note that evaluation of any manuscript by Leadstart will be final and no correspondence or discussion on the decision will be possible.

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