Book Publishing Process & Timelines

In the book publication process, once you send us the submission the following steps occur at our end:


Query Resolution: Should you have any query, the e-mails are replied to within a week.


Basic Evaluation: We receive thousands of submissions each month and all are processed diligently and every mail is replied to. You will receive a mail of acknowledgement on submission or one of our editors may write asking for more information if required. This is done by a team of evaluators who escalate the quality submissions to a senior evaluator. The senior evaluator will reply with either an acceptance or a rejection or asking for a more complete submission for deeper understanding of the work. Period: 2-3 weeks.


If the work qualifies for the Editor’s portfolio of books, a letter of Intent and Offer is sent to the author. Once both the publisher and author agree on the draft terms sent, a legal contract is processed by the publisher and signed by both parties along with 2 witnesses for the author.


The work on the book begins according to the master projects schedule – which normally functions on a first-in, first-out basis.


Empowering Authors


More often than not, the most important stakeholder of the book publishing industry; the author, stands neglected. Though the book publication process has been around for centuries, the number of myths and misconceptions people have about it, is sometimes hard to believe. Even with the internet and worldwide web, information is uncertain and knowledge about this industry is woefully little.


Each day we receive hundreds of queries from authors located around the world, asking for their works to be published. From all these interactions, we have compiled a set of frequently-asked-questions, answering the queries to the best of our knowledge and our position as an industry leader. We have included a few author resources, in order to provide more knowledge about this business. We will keep updating this space. You may like to make the RSS subscription to the site and also subscribe to the newsletter, to keep you abreast.

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