Submission Process

Book Submission Process

To submit manuscripts for evaluation, please e-mail the following to

  • Concept Note
  • Synopsis of the book
  • List of contents (index table)
  • Two sample chapters
  • Short write-up on the Author/s and/or Illustrator

The concept note of the manuscript should include what audience you are writing for, targeted market segment, other comparative titles available, unique selling point, word count and illustrative content. For poetry, the synopsis may be a short note on the kind of poems included.

Leadstart accepts submissions in English in the following genres:

  • Activities [sports, games, crafts, hobbies, quizzing etc]
  • Biographies/Memoirs
  • Children
  • Creative Education
  • Current/World Affairs.
  • Fiction
  • General non-fiction
  • Health & Fitness
  • Management/Business/Finance
  • Narrative
  • Philosophy
  • Politics/History
  • Poetry
  • Reference
  • Religion/Spirituality
  • Self-Help
  • Travel

Please allow at least one month for your manuscript to be considered for publication.
We request you not to send us hard copies unless specifically requested by our Editors. Leadstart will not be responsible for any loss or damage to unsolicited material. Manuscripts will not be returned by the publishing house irrespective of the outcome of the review process.


Supported Self-publishing:

Leadstart does not provide self-publishing services. If you wish to self-publish your book, you may reach out to a service provider such as (a sister entity of Leadstart).

The key services they provide include: Publishing, Editing, Design, Book Marketing, National & International Book Distribution.


Accelerated Publishing:

This in the new age book publishing process route, which brings together the best of both traditional publishing and self-publishing. It is a platform based approach which enables the author to carry out the publishing process on their own and the books are made available across the globe in paperback and ebook formats. It allows the author to understand how readers are reading the book, and using the data and analytics, the author can alter the book to improve the commercial success of the book. As the same happens the book is moved to commercial publishing with all the aspects of traditional publishing kicking in this phase. The investment by the company is the technology platform, which is not chargeable to the author. The author and the company earn money from each book sold.

You may look at Pencil ( for accelerated publishing. (Note, ‘Pencil’ is a sister entity of Leadstart)

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