Leadstart Speakers Bureau

Want to book an author from Leadstart’s portfolio for your event?

We have an exceptional set of fascinating keynote speakers in an array of subjects from parenting, health, economics, business experts, coaches, current affairs, mythology and children’s books to best-selling novelists and more.

We work with media houses, corporations, business schools, schools& colleges, public and private events, and other professional organizations, groups, and societies in major markets of India and around the world.

Let us know what kind of event you have and budget; and we shall suggest an author-speaker to fit the same. Reach us at info@leadstartcorp.com

For media houses requiring an author for a TV show or a column, please do feel free to write to us at: social@leadstartcorp.com

Some of our list of Marquee Author Speakers

Dr.Saamdu Chetri

Counsellor, teacher, advocate, writer, compassionate and loving family man, mindfulness practioner

Pooja Ruprell

Full time job, full time mom; I read multiple books at the same time. Music, Health and Fitness are my de-stressors

Veena Nellissery Sethuraman

Learning to not get confined by labels. Ever evolving. Becoming.

Dr. Shilpa Aroskar

A passionate author, pediatrician, blogger, dreamer, doer, traveller, orator with infectious energy on a journey to change lives by infusing laughter, hope and love.

Akhilesh Tilotia

Author, public policy thinker, strategist, macroeconomist, capital market expert, traveler

Srividya Srinivasan

Entrepreneur. Brand Strategist. Creative and Communication Specialist. Future Trends Analyst. Author & Poet. Mentor

Anuja Chandramouli

Part-time writer, full-time mommy, eternal dreamer. That’s me!

Sonia Mackwani

Author, Filmmaker, Screenwriter, Founder of Touching Lives, Clinical Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, Psychic Healer, Social Artists, Traveler, Space Enthusiast

Gautam Mayekar

A lazy Goan, Hacker, Cyber Security Enthusiast, Writer, Public Speaker, Travel addict, Storyteller, and a Dreamer.

Dr. Rajan Bhonsle, M.D

Author, Sexologist, Kishore Kumar fan, Family Man, Storyteller

K. N. Raghavan

Anand Neelakantan

Author, entrepreneur, cartoonist, artist, engineer, screenplay writer, family man, petroleum specialist.

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