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We are choosy when we recruit. We make sure that the person has the qualities and qualifications required to lead a Leadstart business vertical, some day. We recruit people with passion for their work and who visualise growth the Leadstart way.

Some of Our Key HR Policies

Work Environment: At Leadstart, the work environment is relaxed but certainly not casual. You may find the head of a business vertical in trendy casual clothes in office, but you will not find him/her casual about his/her work in any way. Many employees do not waste time travelling to office every day, this is since our inception, not just post Covid-19; they work on a weekly reporting system from home or even their holiday destinations. We value people as our most prized assets.

Workplace-free Working Environment: Leadstart is a place which is yours. You have the ownership of whatever you are working on. Everyone has a laptop and a broadband connection to work with from wherever they are. You have a choice of working from office, your home or a coffee shop – you choose the place that energizes you the most. Being available as required for meetings, discussions and reviews in the office, is assumed.

Relationship Hiring: You need not worry if your brother or spouse is working at Leadstart, you too, are welcome. We have multiple sets of siblings and spouses working at Leadstart. Most family run businesses have parents & children, siblings, spouses, working together as part of the management, because they all hold stake in the company. It is thus difficult to understand why organizations have caveats on relationship hiring, we don’t.

Taking Leave: Taking your holidays is not an option, it is a requirement. During internal assessments and reviews, you get added points on your KRA by keep yourself relaxed along with delivering your business goals.

Two-Way Appraisals: The appraisal process works both ways – juniors appraise their seniors, just as the seniors appraise those they are responsible for.

Engagement Options: Apart from full-time jobs, you may choose Part time / Freelance / Half work-week (4 hours daily or 3 days a week) / Weekends only. The remuneration would be commensurate with deliverables. All of the above are available according to vacancies and requirements at any given point of time.

If you think you fit the bill and are a visionary of sorts and like the way we work, please mail your resume to

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