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ARDH- SATYA The Half Truth and other stories


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Ananya Mukherjee

Author, observer, dreamer, rebel and thinker; a juggler of corporate life and performance art. Not necessarily in that order!


“Ardh – Satya (The Half-Truth) and other stories is a Collection off ragile moments where I have allowed a pause to intervene into my roller coaster corporate life and questioned some of life’s senses and sensitivities. Through these anecdotes, personal and loaned experiences, I have learnt a few new’ words, discovered some buried emotions, refined the meanings of some songs, revisited_happy memories, reaffirmed my faith in life and positivity, and almost always lost and found myself. ‘

I am hoping that with these short stories, you will be privy to another mind that thinks, maybe a little differently. Sometimes you will argue with that thought, at other times, you may identify it as your own unsaid inarticulate conscience. But in the end of it all, you will be forced to share a thought, most of all, with yourself.

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