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The Reincarnation of Radha


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Mae Gosaynie

Author, educator, mentor, public speaker, poet, mother, loyal friend, and Biologist


She is referred to as the mysterious Radha! Some people do not believe she ever existed. Others believe she was an adulteress.

The truth is that Radha was a soul that lacked self-love. However, her love for Sri Krishna was boundless and unconditional. In this contemporary 21st century story about Radha’s reincarnation, you will learn how her consciousness contrived a plan to give Sri Krishna the Shakti he needed from her while simultaneously breaking her heart. She even chose for him to never speak to her until she had become enlightened herself. She thought nothing of her own self-preservation or the great suffering she would inevitably endure.

The questions that remain to be answered are:

Will Radha be able to heal from such a traumatic experience?
Will she be able to forgive Sri Krishna for breaking her heart?
And finally, will she eventually be able to merge with Krishna as they had originally planned?

Read Radha’s story to find the answers disclosed within.

“Written through the framework of choosing the journey of our lives on the path to enlightenment, the author forces us to consider what we have chosen to endure and why. Beautifully written through the eyes of a reincarnation story and the suffering of the soul on its way to salvation and becoming a goddess. This precious story of spiritual mates on their evolutionary journey reminds us of our mortality and declares that our life journey is a special, and personal, experience meant for spiritual growth. Inspired by traditional beliefs, we rediscover, or uncover for the first time, that we choose our suffering, which ultimately helps us advance as humans and have purpose during our cycles of life on Earth.”

– Kat Lahr
Writer, Researcher, Educator
Southern New Hampshire University


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