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We Meet Again: Poems on Truth, Turbulence & Triumph


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Savita Vasudevan Nair

Author, Copywriter, Content Creator, Wine Lover, Music Collector, Fusion Dancer, Instagrammer, Party Starter, Closet-Optimist.


If you are drawn towards heady emotions, endless conversations, the highs and lows of everyday life and the deliberations of love, then WE MEET AGAIN by Savita Nair is for you.

It is a cornucopia of feelings, a kaleidoscope of reflections and a melange of opinions. It is the author’s very soul and heart, mirrored in words. And she aims to share this with her poetic renditions – sometimes gentle, sometimes brutal.

Read it at leisure, while sipping a glass of wine or coffee – and mull over each line. Let the words romance you, unhurried. The pleasure of a poem is in your own interpretation, so draw yours, fearlessly.

Take care…till We Meet Again.


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5'' x 8''


170 Grams



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