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From The Silence Within


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Madhavi Sood’s Poems “From the Silence Within” are expressions of Life and Living in its different shades and hues. The author, a high achiever, was faced with a near death experience, in the prime of her life and was bed-ridden with disease. Supported by love from her family and doctors to recover faster she came back from the depths of pain and darkness prompted by a zest for life ,a purpose yet to fulfill and her deepest desire to pen down poems while fighting for life, as most of the poems were written while she was still bed-ridden. Madhavi strongly believes that we must face our fears and never let it cloud our mind or soul and somehow must find the courage to move on and forge ahead. And forge ahead she did, giving expression to her inner struggles, anxieties, fears through her poems, short stories, sketches and paintings. Her poems are soul stirring, inspiring and are self motivating, some are funny, despite her long illness. Others are romantic, lyrical and on love, and nature. While still others carry a socio political message for peace and harmony and the ill effects of war, written against the backdrop of the Kargil war; and patriotic poems with an expression of dreams for a growing, progressive and plentiful India with a better tomorrow. Her poems eased her pain and gave her renewed strength and hope to survive. Always close to nature and her love of kids, she feels there is a child inside all of us who gives us the freedom to be what we are and can be , being blessed with a daughter who teaches and reminds her each step of the way. “From the Silence within’ is the journey of her soul’s first flight which she hopes will touch your soul, inspire you, awaken you and moves you on too; to become what you want to be and to spread your wings and soar high …

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