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In life, one faces a number of crossroads where various internal and external voices confront one and one stops to think about which direction to take. Each one of us has faced situations where we have been challenged with making the 'right' decision. The author has been able to elucidate and express a number of such situations in this collection of short stories. Should you be bogged down by social norms, your prejudices or follow your heart? Find out in the story Never Too Late. What is holding India back? Why is China doing better? Read through Harvard Professor Dr. Ajay Sharma's attempt to find our India's problem and the solution that he recommends in The Report Card. Do you have the courage to give up a lucrative career to do what you love? While Sameer did not, Neha did. Who succeeded? Even Elephants Dance has the answers. Are you willing and able to stick your neck out and fight for the improvement of the country? Read the Delay to discover how Dipankar Sharma was determined to hold the government accountable because he believed that 'justice delayed is justice denied'. You may be able to hide a scar on the outside but can you do so when you get a scar within? Meet 'Scarry' Rohan in The Scar. Who is a winner - a person who comes first or a person who supports others to move ahead? Browse through army officers Deepak and Vikram's endeavour to win in Victory. To what extent will you go to clear a blot on your family's name and seek justice for a loved one? Find out about Rohit's encounter with this tricky situation in The Athlete.

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