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Lakshmi Shankar started off her career as a writer in advertising and was a creative director for over 10 years. After marriage and children she settled into freelance and also a bit of journalistic writing. Acouple of years back she started teaching grade- one children in a school called Diksha. It was an unconventional school which followed the Waldorf system of education. Learning was not something which was just thrown at the childrn but it actually came from the children with lots of interaction. A lot of verse and storied were used to bring the concepts to the children. As she went along she found that most verses and stories were not very suited to our Indian culture and ethos. And that's when she started writing stories which were in a tone that was familiar to the children. She has written several nature stories and two plays which have a theme based on nature. The first one was a play for class one which is in verse and has a sunflower talking to a raindrop. The second is an adaptation of a popular Panchatantra tale into a play format with several animals as characters. At present she teaches music to grade- five and six children in a non-conventional school. She also teaches music at home and gives performances. The poet can be reached at

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1942 Amsterdam Ave NY (212) 862-3680
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