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Jaihind made the Cobbler a Novelist


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Muntazir Imam

MUNTAZIR IMAM Journalist, author, artist, family man, poet


The early 1980s in a village called Dalmapur is seemingly perfect. But decades since the country attained its independence, vestiges of untouchability and caste-based discrimination still remain.

Twelve-year-old Aryali, born in a family of cobblers, is not spared from the prejudices. As an illiterate boy belonging to a lower caste, his name is constantly distorted. He is forced to respectfully address boys of the same age as ‘babu’, the name he secretly wishes for himself.

Amid poverty and struggle, with his parents and grandparents wishing him to be an expert cobbler soon, he is doing all that he should while keeping aside all that he wants.

But a chance discovery of an old, tattered book, which stirs something deep in Aryali’s heart, followed by an unfortunate situation that forces his family to move to a town called Jaihind, might change the direction of his life forever.

After all, isn’t that the need of the hour? Change.

Jaihind Made the Cobbler a Novelist is a story that gives a voice to the lowest strata of our society and appeals to our conscience, emotions and need for betterment.

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