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We were also Human Beings


We were also Human Beings


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Here, in this story, all these sections of nature interacting each other. The novel is bifurcated to Chapter one titled We are also human beings; the second chapter of the novel in which all the characters of the first part take rebirth after their death in a terrorist attack as Fauna and Flora and titled We were also human beings. This story could be narrated only by an animal as I believe human being neither can recognize the rebirth nor can understand the language and feeling of other living things in nature. Hence, I’ve selected the Protagonist a so-called gentle domestic animal who has to play a lead role to tell this tale of rebirth—a stream of consciousness of a cow. The contents in this novel may not match with the facts from various branches of the so-called science. This fantasy-fiction covers natural-science blended with sociology—interaction of fauna, flora and human. This novel is a Text-book for terrorists to learn and turn Humanists.

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