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Neelkanth: Truth, Lies, Deceit & Murder


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Satyam Srivastava

Author, Taxman, Civil Servant, Engineer

Rajeev Garg

Rajeev Garg - Author, IRS, Harvard, Shutterbug, Wanderer, Seeker


Ages ago…
He didn’t start it. He didn’t wish for it.
Yet, he made a choice and became the NEELKANTH!

And now…
A crime infested Delhi of 2025 becomes the womb that gives birth to an organisation – CIU, wherein a group of policemen, armed with a secret weapon, begin to solve crime cases with absolute precision.
Suryakant Singh, a young IPS officer, is recruited and is assigned his first case of a mysterious death.
He soon gets trapped into a vortex of truth, lies, and deceit. Evidence tells one thing, heart another and instinct something else. And to his surprise, the weapon fails him, a first in the history of CIU.
As Suryakant sets out to unravel the mystery, he realizes that it is not crime investigation. It is so much more. The truth is beyond anything he has ever imagined.

Will he uncover the murderer?
Will he discover the secret behind the weapon?
Will Suryakant choose to become the Neelkanth?
Read this fast-paced crime-mystery-thriller, to find out…

“Riveting. An edge-of-the-seat thriller. The authors have done a fabulous job in their very first attempt at fiction. Unputdownable!”
– MEGHNA PANT, Author & Journalist


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5' x 8''


340 Grams



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