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The Great Indian Fire


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An engineer, physicist, thinker and spiritual atheist. An author and a political commentator.


The pious and honorable Father Daniel Fernandez had been murdered. FIRE, a secret organisation fighting corruption and injustice, is alleged to be behind the crime. Ram, a young philosopher, writer, and social activist, who is thought to be the man behind FIRE and suspected of committing the crime, goes into hiding. Vikram Nandagopal, a fiery young journalist, smells something fishy in the whole affair and starts investigating the murder independently. The story of one Mr. Vivek, which is revealed through sections of his unpublished autobiography being read by one Miss Gayathri, a social worker, runs parallel to the basic plot. Dr. David John, Ex-Minister Mr. Madhavan, Prof. Kabeer, Retired Justice N.O.C, Media girl Miss Anuradha Vishwanathƒand many such persons add fuel to the fire of the plot. How? And,why? Ram who does not appear in person anywhere in the novel, but who is talked about all the way through and whose thoughts and ideas permeate the entire novel, forms one of the central characters of the novel. His philosophy of Moderemism [Mode (ration) (Ext) remism] is talked about in the Novel. Who is the real protagonist of the novel? Or should it be: Who are the protagonists of the novel? If so, why? And, who are the antagonists? The novel has elements of several genres ? drama, short story, thriller, and detective novel. It is richly infused with fiery monologues, dramatic dialogues, breathtaking suspense, striking twists and turns, unexpected revelations, from the very beginning. What are the things that get the most shockingly revealed in the end? And, how? The Great Indian Fire is not just a commentary on the unhealthy side of the contemporary socio-political life of India. It is not only about corruption and atrocities against women. It is about all these and much more.

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