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Soldiers of God : The Hunt for the Last Portal


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Shiv Sunder, an orphan, finds himself as the prime suspect in the murder of his mentor, a man who had nurtured him like his own son. His own tormenting past coupled with a reputation for tempestuous behavior point to the unthinkable.Absolving himself is not his concern as vengeance takes over and he decides to hunt down the assailant himself, turning him overnight from star pupil to star fugitive. Little does he know that the journey will turn into a race against time, not just for him, but for the entire human race as they decipher the clues left by the great Mustafa Khan, one of the greatest scholars of the country, who now lay lifeless after being mercilessly bludgeoned to death. Soon he realizes that there is a lot more to the murder than meets the eye, as he begins his perilous journey in search for answers.The secret societies have been waiting in the shadows for the prophesized date and will stop at nothing to finish the task assigned to them.Their long wait is finally over as the end of time predicted by the greatest civilizations of the ancient world draws near. One final nail in the coffin will send humanity to its grave. The great Scholar was believed to have been a very prominent member.Will Shivsunder prove his innocence, or will he fall together with the most definitive of human qualities – “free will”? This fast-paced story blends religion, romance, dreams, and conspiracy theories into an unforgettable morality lesson, pointing out that nothing happens without a reason.

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