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A Metro Nightmare


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A young woman, Gauri, commits suicide on the Delhi Metro tracks. Her suicide note claimed that she had killed her husband, Siva. Inspector Yahsvardhan, a staunch casteist, and SI Arjun Singh, himself a victim of caste violence, are given the charge of investigating the truth behind the suicide. As they begin their investigations, it comes to light that it was case of marriage against the wishes of their family. Yahsvardhan delves deep into the past life of Siva to unravel what caused a meek and gentle boy to rebel against the society. And he finds out that his daughter, Pinki, has fallen in love with a boy, Mithilesh, of another caste. Will Mithilesh’s and Pinki’s love blossom? Why was Siva’s and Gauri’s family against their marriage? If Gauri had killed Siva, why did she comkmit suicide? How did Siva’s mother die and will the investigating officer, PS Jha, unravel the truth behind this? Will Arjun Singh be able to come out of his haunting past?

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