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The Lost Woman of Santacruz: Police Inspector Ajay Shaktawat Series – Book I


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Vijay Medtia

Author, short story writer, entrepreneur, hoping my novels are made into films.


Mid-July, Inspector Ajay Shaktawat is called to a house. A retired Deputy Commissioner of Police has been beaten to death. A young man is barely alive besides him. Both are the victims of shocking cruelty.

The intense investigation leads to a woman missing from Santacruz, Mumbai. At the same time, a crazed cop killer terrorises Mumbai. No one understands the connection or motive. Inspector Shaktawat must battle against time and the increasing body count of retired officers if he’s to succeed. Now with time running short, a tough Special Branch officer from Delhi monitors his activities.

Meanwhile, Shaktawat’s life is in shambles: his wife has left him four
months ago along with his two teenage children. He’s struggling to win her back. His mother, a robust seventy year-old, barely tolerates him. Loneliness has cut into his life. He works tirelessly, has gained weight and drinks most nights away. Will he be able to get his life back on track?

Will Shaktawat catch the elusive murderer before he strikes again?

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