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14/2: The Attack on Pulwama


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Following the deadly Pulwama attack, Clinton Joseph of the NIA is assigned a secret job of catching the masterminds. Joseph’s investigation leads him to various clues, one of which points to a prisoner terrorist Al-Khaled, in India.

Through the traps of betrayal, hatred and death, Clinton is determined to bring the perpetrators of the Pulwama attack into the light of justice. Owing to his findings, the Indian Air Force launches an airstrike across the border. The strike leads to the capture of Indian Wg. Cdr Anand behind the enemy lines. As his life hangs by a thread, it is his wit that will help him survive the ordeal.

The two stories meld together, taking the patriots through the maze that has vowed to kill every last one of them – and the time’s running out.

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