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Nicole Blue and two strangers in a train


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ñThree things I’ve got to do before the next week. (1) ? convince everyone that I was right and their leader was actually a traitor; (2) ? try to stop a master who has had a hundred years to master his skills, before his birthday ? the day he may destroy the world ; (3) ? I most certainly should not die.î Nicole thought that she would have the most perfect and normal life any kid would want. But when she boards a subway train and finds two people who save her life from a big disaster that killed about a hundred New Yorkers, she realizes why she is so important. She was a code breaker ? a person who could crack codes from ancient times to use their power to keep the world at peace. But she had help from the code breaker helpers who assisted them. She finds out that the previous code breaker, Jason, was smart enough to spend his life trying to find the Health stone and used its power to stay alive. His plan? To destroy and recreate the world! This was his grand plan for his one hundred and twenty fourth birthday which was just weeks away. The world’s fate was in Nicole’s hands. Could Nicole, who doesn’t even know her powers, stand against a skilled master who spent years mastering his skill? This is battle to save the world and there’s no turning backƒ Will Nicole succeed? Read ïNicole Blue and the Two Strangers in a Train’ to find outƒ

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