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Never Say Never


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Kaushal Patel

New Author, New Entrepreneur, Old Banker, Amateur Photographer, Blessed with love and laughter, Lucky in friendships, Unlucky in Mathematics


“As it stands today, Shivya’s sister is still missing. Till you find her, you can’t claim the inheritance.”

Sutradhar Apte aka Sutra is staring at an uncertain future after losing his job as an investment banker when he gets unexpectedly nominated in his dead grandfather’s inheritance. Sutra is surprised as he was left an orphan at an early age and had never spoken to his estranged grandfather. Is this sheer good luck? Maybe not.

The grandfather’s will has a curious condition – Sutra must find Yami, a young girl who is mysteriously missing, to claim the inheritance.

A baffled Sutra thinks – I struggle to find a missing sock and am expected to find an entire person!

Reluctantly, the laid-off banker gets sucked into unravelling the mystery of Yami’s disappearance, along with Yami’s beautiful sister Shivya. As they piece the clues together, one after the other, they get caught into an unnerving and dangerous net, with every discovery leading to a few more things to be discovered.

Even as the cynical Sutra discovers his true calling, will he be able to fulfil his dead grandfather’s wish and find Yami? Are there any other surprises in store for him and Shivya, his newfound muse?


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