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Roswitha Joshi

Addicted to harmony, yet not shying away from confrontation. Enjoying solitude, yet vivacious in company. Equally prone to silly fun and deep thinking. Keen on inner and outer journeys.


“Dev and Dora, an Indo-German journalist couple residing in India, face severe challenges, when weird happenings threaten to throw their personal as well as professional lives out of gear.

She suspects that their helper, Amit, is involved in child trafficking. He does not even want to talk about this specific ‘nonsense’, but, in his role as TV anchor, is ever ready to highlight the plight of children in general. His career soars.

Yet his involvement in a shocking incident makes him fear to lose his job. His boss, however, assures him that scandals are good for business. They titillate the palate, ignite fierce debates and, at times, even provoke action. “Shout your way to glory. It’s the ratings that count,” he points out.

While both their careers take off dramatically – Dora has become a feisty investor’s publicist – , jealousy gnaws at their happiness and turns their bedroom from love nest into a den of power games.

Their at times playful, at times painful actions come to a sudden halt when Dev’s lingering fears prove to be true that invisible hands have pulled strings to destroy him and much, much more. While he tortures himself figuring out who might be the might behind the mayhem, he has a dream…

The novel, set in the India of today with his manifold issues ranging from child labour, the role of the media to marital rape etc., is written in a style (witty, suspenseful, sexy, satirical) that provides not only insights but entertainment. It is thus very much in tune with the times.”

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