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Crimson Dawnƒ Hijacked off Aden


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Infested with ruthless and heavily-armed pirates, the Gulf of Aden is notorious and nightmarish for sailors transiting these waters. By quirk of fate, the Crimson Dawn, a large bulk carrier en route from Australia to Jordan, had landed itself in the clutches of the devilish piratesƒ The novel peeps into the prolonged agony of the men on board the Crimson Dawn and unfolds a captivating and succinct tale of their capture, intimidation, subjugation and complete isolation from the outside of the world. With their spirits dampened and their hopes pinned on their colleagues ashore, the crew is struggling ? to pull on through their journey of captivation. Unity, companionship and leadership are their only assets helping them to pull on through the dark tunnel of despair. Will their nightmare ever end? Will they ever regain their freedom?

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