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Lee thinks he is the luckiest person on earth when he wins a lottery. The prize, is unusual and un-expected; a free trip to a little known island of Quolowardia. He takes off for the place with his brother Ryu and cousins Nimit and Shitij. But on reaching there, they are faced with the deep secrets of the place. For starters, Atlantis is the pseudonym for Quolowardia. The place is infested with blood thirsty animals, not to mention Bluetooth operating monkeys. The ambitious mad humans (errƒ not exactly humans) who control them are even worse, who want to rule the world. Their powers make it evident that they aren’t daydreaming. Can Ryu and Lee, along with a scientist and a talking guinea pig, win over the ambitious, power crazy, mad humans? Read on to find out more……..

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