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The Sinister Me


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The Sinister Me is a relentlessly surprising sci-fi thriller. Ravi, a manager at 6-Sigma consultancy, had been living a seemingly perfect life with his wife Riya and daughter Rittika. While everything was going well, an uncanny situation gradually emerged in his peaceful life. It was the sudden emergence of a mystery man who seemed to starkly resemble him! As Ravi tried to find out more about him, one day, to his horror, his family got abducted!
An entire year passed. No amount of help from any source could give him any clue about their whereabouts!
Then, one night, there was a subtle contact! It felt as if his beloved wife had just spoken to him, inside his mind! Using a subtle thought communication, Riya informed that she and her daughter had been taken to an enigmatic place that starkly resembled their own!

Ravi’s friend Jayant, a genius scientist, talked about various esoteric possibilities by touching upon scientific theories, especially Quantum Mechanics, which is notoriously popular for proposing unpredictable outcomes.
Ravi needed to get to the bottom of this unnatural mystery in search of his family, the answer to which lay in a journey to an enigmatic destination – a daring quest across space-time!

But, little did Ravi know about the sinister ploy that awaited him there! The Sinister Me is a mind-bendingly strange thriller fiction. A perfect read for science fiction and science thriller fans.

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