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Twilight Haze


Twilight Haze


“l’ll die in your arms.” She said. Her wish was fulfilled after fifteen centuries. Read about the strange time travel into the fifth century where two lovers meet again. Can transmigration of souls be tried as a cure for transsexualism? Read about the disastrous consequences in ‘Madhu’ where the author also analyses the mind of a transsexual. The stories take us close to characters who although among us have always remained strangers to us because society rejects them as misfits who cannot fit into society either as men or as women. They are the unfortunates – the transsexuals. In ‘Poonam’ and ‘Jeevo’, Suresh points out that these misfits often have immense capacity for sincere love; but they too need understanding which is denied to them. Suresh merely describes poignantly some situations in the lives of these people and leaves it to the reader to respond.

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