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The Inevitable Bond


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IN THE GAME OF LOVE…WINNING OR LOSING COULD MEAN ALL THE SAME. Meghna is a final year Commerce student. She is a huge cricket buff, but even more importantly is a crazy fan of Rishit, the cricket star, who almost every girl has a huge crush on. Meeting him was a chance, but what happens ahead is absolute destiny. When you no longer hold the strings to what is happening to you, you can only wait and watch fate play its part, turning the things around you in the most unexpected manner.Meghna said nothing when Rishit (the guy who monopolized her dreams) entered her world; it was all written. She learnt that there was a world where people were empowered by the Energies of the 5 elements and that each person in that world had a human copy, a look alike. So when Rishit’s copy dissolves (dies) his energies erroneously get transferred to Rishit. When Rishit wakes up to this other world, the first person he happens to meet is Meghna’s copy. This creates a weird bonding between Meghna and Rishit in the human world. Meghna is on the worst kind of a bilateral road. She wants Rishit to be safe, get him out of this mess, but she also knows that the moment he does, the weird bonding that holds her only hope of a relationship with Rishit would no longer exist. What should she hope for? When someone you love, loves you because you are bonded by a mixed fate…do you hate or love such an inevitable bond?

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