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The Days Before


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Do you ever wonder why age old prophesies continue to fascinate us? Somewhere in a deep corner in your mind, you must sense some truth in these age old beliefs that we conveniently call myths. Yes, this is true with other people living in faraway lands, who do not understand your thoughts and culture. Jake, a NYC cop is hot on the trail of Rashid a terrorist who is planning attacks on American soil. Ram an Indian scientist is poised to achieve one of biggest scientific breakthroughs in history. Little do they realize that their paths are about to cross, a long time ago a Mayan priest had prophesized the end of the world. Tick tock, the clock is ticking. The universe began with a bang; will a Mayan priest, or a terrorist on the run, maybe an evil cop or even a scientist change the future? Will the end of the world be good or bad?

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