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Cold Time: My Simulation Blunder


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Shaan Changotra

Author and Entrepreneur.


The new world is prospering, but a permanent dent has been made. The glory of planet earth has been tarnished. The after-effects of climate wars have put the world in chaos. No land is left. The normal planet Earth has come to an end. The people call this era: ‘Aftermath of World War Three with Nature’.

Agushti Hoffman is the first survivor who wakes up from a coma. He questions the new reality; everything seems real but it’s all artificial. Transparent glasses cover and protect the habitable islands. Ronny Atari works as an agent of the new world government. Soon after Agushti wakes up, his friend, Harley, takes him to a notorious island where they are chased by pirates. They are saved by Ronny who is back from the manufacturing industries also known as Mars. Both the planets, Earth and Mars have a diplomatic relationship.

After the chase — Agushti, Harley, and Ronny end up on a sacred island that is not artificial. There, they discover a secret door to another universe. Hidden earth. Entering that world, Agushti wakes up at the hospital again from a coma. Is this reality an illusion inside Agushti’s mind? Or was this the way from the start – a simulation blunder?


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5.5' x 8.5''


400 Grams



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