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And God Made a Mistake


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In the midst of this new millennium and the challenges faced by humanity, emerges a scientist with a mission to make us immortal. But, will this antagonise God, the omnipresent force that watches, hears, listens and evaluates our every move or will He be pleased that we are trying to conquer death? Dr. Agastya Vardhaan is found dead, leaving behind an enigmatic suicide note hinting about this secret of immortality being pursued by mankind since time immemorial. His son, Ayaan, who had a hunch that his father was on to something important, tells his father’s colleagues and family friend, Dr Arya, about a diary that carried the title : Science against God. The two set out to hunt the diary at home, find it, but just a day after this discovery, Dr Arya is dead, too. This ominous turmoil took its toll and finally ended with the burning of the diary. Now, after twelve silent years, the dark secrets of the diary have risen again setting an unprecedented milestone for mankind. This is a time of radical reformation for our planet Earth… that has arisen fortunately or unfortunately… with or without the Amighty’s consent …. And it is now for Ayaan to reveal the truth of this new reality. Journey into this science fiction mystery thriller, into this chronicle of hope and despair, loyalty and betrayal, faith and science; and step into new and different worlds… Three Worlds.

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