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Weltri attempts to ascertain some facts by travelling to the future, but when he returns, events in his present take a different turn. Did he change anything in space-time just by the act of time-travelling? Or is it something else?

Swayam wants to travel to the past along with his prospective bride, Rupa, to check whether those very similar dreams that they both have were really some events of the past or just a weird coincidence. And when they do travel to the past, Rupa is attracted to a man in that timeline…

Suresh is Weltri’s reincarnate who has waited long in this lifetime for his past-life wife, Pranayi. Will he ever be able to find her especially when he has no idea if or where she might have taken birth or whether she remembers her past-life? There is nothing he can do to find her, and he has accepted that his wait has been futile, but he still has his time-machine. What good will a time-machine do when what it can do is only to take him to the past, but not reverse time?

Swayam’s father, Nimish, is the least known person from the famous Weltri’s family. But he is so only by choice. He has the brilliance of his father and the logical mind of his mother. But will he be able to change his past and marry the right woman; if he does not, then Swayam may never be born…


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5.5'' x 8.5''


250 Grams



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