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The Tiger of the Blue Mountain


The Tiger of the Blue Mountain


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Tiger of the Blue Mountain is a story of friendship, love, and empowerment. How dreams can force you to find the way, despite all odds. How love can make you see your dreams better; how friendship can empower the world of dreams to reality. And how a revolution can happen. The story unfolds how a dream can change the face of the society, and how the forces of love, friendship, and nature (through ancient Indian readings of Brighu Samhita) collaborate to show the path for attainment of this dream. Meet Rudra, a dreamer of empowerment, but not sure, how to implement his dreams, a philosopher.Meet Vikram, a playboy, practical, capitalist. Meet Viru, a devoted husband, an entrepreneur, social thinker. Meet Rita. Punjaban- Norwegian, beauty and brains, storyteller, believer of empowerment. The Blue Mountain, a story that creates revolution The Tiger, may be you? ****Read the book****Live the Tiger****Conquer the Mountain****

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