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A Soulful of Lie

A Soulful of Lie


Ruta, born in a simple, middle-class family, with average looks but an above-average IQ, believes immensely in positive thinking in spite of the odds that life has thrown at her. Deep down in her heart, she knows God has created her for a much bigger purpose in life. Ishika is a rich, beautiful girl with everything going for her. She is what Ruta aspires to be. Fate brings the two girls together,interlocking their destiny forever in ways unimaginable. Ruta finds her dream come true but under incredible circumstances. Ishika's stepmother, IIIa Vardhan, and her lesbian partner hatch a plan to amass Ishika's wealth. Their evil intentions set in motion the chakra of destiny as they try to play God. A Soulful of Lie is a fast-paced story which talks about romance,thrills and surprises life throws at you. As the story unfolds, the author takes you on a whirlwind ride of romance,powers of supernatural,drugs and alcohol,even commenting on an intimate relationship between two women and how far they can go to achieve their goals. But are they successful? Read Soulful of Lie to find out.
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