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Tales of Square Field


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Jayanta Ray

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“Set in early 70s in a little known mofussil town in West Bengal with its socio-cultural milieu, ‘Tales of Square Field’ tells the story of two main protagonists, Square Field, fondly called SF in the novella, and Arjun, a young school teacher, whose main concern is the wellbeing of townsfolk.

The green turf of SF lies trampled by the myriad walkers and cyclists every day, but SF is always eager to share the joy and grief of the town’s folk with Arjun, thanks to its exceptional snooping ability. Against the background of a tranquil river, it closely observes all things and listens in on all private confabs that take place in and around its property. The book focuses on the relationship between Arjun and SF that finds expressions through various social issues that are devoid of political affection despite all things being political.”

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