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Pages: 193

The Book


The Book


The whole country loves a writer; who stares at his bleak future. He plans to bid farewell with a magnum opus. Once upon a time an azure eyed woman had a romantic relationship with the writer. They met; befriended, lived in each other’s pocket, fell for the other, desired for an everlasting life together but eventually they broke up- it was all past. At present- she is about to get married to someone else with her heart broken. A not more than an ordinary guy with a real friend and an unreal astrologer with dreams of standing in the limelight someday. A young couple is leading a blissful life with their extra cute daughter. He follows his passion with his wife’s unmatchable love and support. Time rolls the dice and the wrong numbers fall…someone’s simple act of curiosity gives him a shot at his dream, meanwhile ruins the other’s… All these people’s contentment depends on one another as a nearly incomplete and unpublished book goes missing.

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