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Soorina Desai

Being a writer is like turning one’s stream of consciousness/wild imagination into books, written three so far and working on my fourth. I like to delve into history and philosophy, watch movies and read other authors to get out of my own head, love nature but live in Mumbai; which means I love the nine plants in my balcony. I…


“Life perhaps has no story to tell. This book is about birth, a search for an identity, intense emotion, illusion, disillusion,acceptence, death and a personal definition of eternity. All pieced together for us to look back and see that we managed because we survived from moment to moment.

Even an ordinary life has one extraordinary chapter of love in it. This is Anamika’s tale of a pure but forbidden love, set in newly independent India, an era when romance had a different meaning and the language of romance had a different allure. Perhaps the content of this book is for everybody who has been ruled by the heart, lost a lover without loosing love, asked questions to God but found answers within, and embraced life knowing it can be enjoyed only in small doses.

It is about finding peace through simple things, glimpsing heaven in a beloved pair of eyes, of recognizing blessings through a child’s laugh and living through the undulating journey of pleasure and pain with endless gratitude for having experienced life.”

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