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Vismriti: The art of forgetting


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Naina Kaur

Author, Film Maker, Screenwriter, VFX artist, Visual Designer, Bathroom singer


An emotionally charged tale of a dead woman Noor who waits for Moksha, a daughter Ira who has been forced to face her truths when she wants to forget them and an estranged lover Sameer whose memories have betrayed him. As conflicts arise in Ira’s consciousness, she is awoken to all the truths hidden under her convenient lies.

Why doesn’t Noor strive harder to keep her love when she still had a chance? Why does Ira abandon her mother so? Decisions that seem right at the moment of occurrence may not feel so right in the future…so how do their decisions play out in the characters’ lives?

As the characters swim in a sea created by their own emotions, only the strongest can breathe – the rest just float. Ira loses her dead mother’s body, Sameer loses his memories, and Noor loses her will.

Forgetfulness is an art that the characters have mastered, however what is a man without his memories but a constellation in the sky?

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