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Krikos: The Vertical Horizon


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Rishabh Dubey

Author, Musician, Athlete, Singer, Engineer, Entertainer, Marketing Analyst


It is 4697 A.D. and the Earth doesn’t exist anymore. Humans reside in a celestial space station that is larger than the average star and is powered by the stars themselves. It is informally called a ‘Star-Eater’, but its official name is Krikos.

While exploring the eternity of space, humans find a possibly habitable solar system. Krikos sends out a mission under the leadership of the famed warrior, Captain Krawn Xanethius, to examine the ideal planet. Krawn soon realises that they are not alone in the Universe. But, his real ambiguity lies in the mysterious existence of a human colony in the system prior to their arrival.

A new war would engulf the Galaxy and plethora of lies shall be made known; making the anthropocentric yet existential human being question it all. The truth, though, lies in a small journal, written a thousand years before the birth of Krawn, by the creator of the Krikos and the smartest being to have ever lived – Dr. Flex D’Dustener.

Is the purpose of the Krikos to merely save humankind… Or is it much more? Embark on this journey of unknowns and get the answer to the greatest question of all – ‘Why?’.

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5.5' x 8.5''


350 Grams



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