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365 Days of a Sufi


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Sonia Mackwani

Author, Filmmaker, Screenwriter, Founder of Touching Lives, Clinical Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, Psychic Healer, Social Artists, Traveler, Space Enthusiast


The book focuses on three fundamental aspects of human life – love, dream and freedom. The story entails the journey towards these but at the same time, it brings up the core question – what after we achieve all the love, freedom and our dream? What next? The three finely interwoven stories are happening on a different timeline, yet it portrays how each story unravels the basic human existence, relationship dynamics, the challenges of finding and walking a path – be it love for a beloved or finding a purpose or acknowledging the presence of freedom. Placed in the backdrop of an imaginary and sacred Sufi world, the heart-warming stories will allow the reader to enter into different worlds, explore the universes of powerful yet vulnerable characters and emerge with gems of lifelong wisdom, power of friendship, devotion of love, inspiration to embark on their own journeys and to live a meaningful life with freedom.

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