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The Perfume Woman’s Diaries


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Two sisters, Zara and Anya, stumble upon their father’s emails with his former lover Mrin, and discover that their old liaison is now encroaching dangerously upon their present lives, and flooding their minds with fear and questions. After reading several messages of love and despair between their father and the ‘perfume woman’ Mrin, the sisters wonder, ‘will this affair destroy their parents’ marriage and their marital bliss?’

One day they find old personal diaries of Mrin with their mother, Somi, and the story turns on its head multiple times. Did Somi know about Mrin, and this hidden aspect of her husband’s life all along? Why is she keeping it a secret? What follows is a topsy-turvy ride from initial hate for the father transferring to the mom, now reviled.

The sisters face the question that has gnawed many human beings, ‘Can a man or a woman love two people at the same time with equal passion without feeling guilt and regret?’

The Perfume Woman’s Diaries is a story of star-crossed lovers; of a woman who loved a man all her life, never sure whether he was really with her or with the woman in his memories (to whom she bore more than a striking resemblance). It is a story of love, death, secrets and eventual reconciliation and redemption.

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