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After Life – The Desolation


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Pankaj Kumar Shasini

Author, Artist, Designer, Photographer, Engineer, Collector, Visionary, Knowledge seeker.


A best gift for your loved ones.

This is a fictional script that touches on topics like death, family, relationship, social expectations, regret and acceptance to deliver some social messages. While this book is an imaginary story, still you will realise – how valuable our life is. Currently, most of us value people for their materialistic assets, not for the kind of people they are.

The book takes a bold and decisive look at how we, as humans, try to understand mystical happenings that often occur around us. We ignore this and avoid finding answers to them. We not only see events unfold from its imaginary character’s perspective, but also see how the living try to rationalise events that they do not comprehend.

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5' x 8''


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