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Sense of a Quiet


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Milind and Diya, a doctor couple settled in Haridwar are struggling with career and relationship issues. Rohan, their common friend from medical college, visits Haridwar to stay with his best friend Milind for a few days. Diya doesn’t like Rohan; she sees him as an impractical and impulsive person who lacks motive in life.

Facing an impending divorce, Rohan wants to rejig his life, to work out the missing pieces and figure out what he really wants from life. In Haridwar, Rohan makes new acquaintances and friends – a rickshaw-wala, a maid and a rude elderly retired army man. Meanwhile, Milind gets trapped in a corruption scam, and Diya finds herself in a situation that she does not want to share with Milind and ends up in a further conflict with Rohan. Rohan gets into an altercation with an MLA’s aide; his stay in Haridwar seems to have set off a chain of events that will turn the relationship between Diya, Rohan and Milind into a quagmire spiraling completely out of control before they know it.

Where will the cycle of life take them to? As they sit on the bank of Ganges for redemption, what does destiny have in store for them – Scars or Deliverance?

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"5.5 '' x 8.5 ''


250 Grams



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