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Saudade – Road To Requiem



Saudade is the deeply emotional saga of twins Samarah and Aahil’s journey to rebuild their identities after suffering two
catastrophic blows. While Samarah, filled with anger and loneliness, struggles in the shadows of anonymity, Aahil personifies the emotionally detached man incapable of love, loyalty or commitment.

Four years later, when fate brings the estranged siblings face to face with a childhood friend, Samarah is compelled to confront the searing guilt she feels over her failed relationships, and Aahil the truth about his soulless existence. Seeking a forgotten concept of ‘normalcy’, the siblings travel out of their lost immigrant days spent in England to Delhi – a home that contains memories of love and loss in equal haunting measure. As their group of tossed-salad-like friends map their own conflicts and seek resolutions within a frail modern society, Samarah and Aahil learn the importance of dignity and trust.

This poignant and powerful story of loss, friendship and ultimate human resilience, unfolds against a tapestry of tender memories. A gravely human and timeless tale, it resonates in both heart and mind.

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