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A Tale of Two


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Abhishek Murthy Vissapragada

Abhishek Vissapragada is a Public Relations professional taking his first step in being an author


In the middle of the ground, amidst urban infrastructure and a sprawling slum, lie the bodies of 14 men. One, in particular, draws Inspector Mohit Sawant’s attention – one that has had its face and hands brutally smashed by a huge rock. The only lead and eyewitness is Nitesh, found with bloody hands, sobbing beside the disfigured body.

It all began when two boys, Nitesh and Vatsal, sat on abandoned railway tracks and decided that they wanted to leave their slum life behind. While Vatsal wanted to do it by pursuing his passion for dance and making a living the right way, Nitesh wanted to do it quickly. His only option was to help the local gangster Harish and join his organization. With his wit and his decisions, Nitesh rose within the gang, but also made new enemies who wanted to ensure that he is imprisoned and stayed behind bars.

Amidst the pressure from his superiors and political influencers, can Inspector Sawant get to the bottom of the case and unveil the true motive of the crimes? Can Nitesh keep his secrets hidden and lie his way to freedom? Or will powers beyond their control award a final binding verdict?


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