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Neither has it had some pure story telling nor hard-core philosophy. It is a novella which falls under the genre called Philosophical – Fiction, a blend of both, which makes the reading of philosophy comprehendible and interesting with the help of story spin along. Stuck in a whirlpool of ineffectiveness and in efficiency, performer Sarah takes a break to unwind and introspect. In an attempt to answer the internal turmoil regarding performance of her teenage child, she walks down the memory lane and relives the moments, situations and her bond with that one person who revamped her life all over again. His voice vibrated in her conscience as if it was just yesterday, “Believe yourself, take charge of your life, discover the answers of questions life offer, they exist within you.” Little did she realize that this attempt of hers would answer her own inner dilemmas and questions? Reminiscing old people and theories and accidently connecting her past with her present in an unknown land and culture, Sarah redefines “Creativity”.

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