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Living Dreams


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Partha Pratim Mazumdar

Funny, Cheerful, Curious, entrepreneurial, Family man


While some dreams get achieved in a lifetime..
others may take a little longer..
Some dreams may be fulfilled by oneself..
others may need support of their loved ones..
But dreams, through trials and turbulences,
life and death, live on forever.

Based on the common setting of migration to Australia from India, Living Dreams is a breezy collection of two stories of love, life, beliefs, values, and of course, dreams..

In Spice Connect, Nandini, a young, modern, career-oriented girl from a traditional family in Kolkata migrates to Australia, for work. New romance blooms, career sets off, life is exciting, until the tragic death of her mother turns her world upside down. As she accidentally discovers her simple mother’s secret dream, Nandini’s life gets a new purpose. Guided by none other than her dear mother, she sets out to overcome all hurdles and fulfil her mother’s dream.

Can a dream outlive the dreamer?

The Golden Key is the story of Suniti, a strong, ambitious woman, who gets married into a traditional family in Old Delhi. As time passes, life becomes monotonous and Suniti’s dream takes a back seat. Life with a workaholic, honest and underpaid husband becomes a big burden of responsibility. As her husband gets a new opportunity in Melbourne,—ironically as a result of his honesty that she had come to resent—the family migrates to Australia. But their happiness is short-lived as Suniti gets to know she has very little time left and a big dream yet unfulfilled.

Can the woman who dared to dream big now dare to hope for its fruition?

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