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Holy Warriors


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Col Sunil Kotnala

Col Sunil Kotnala was born on 19 th Sep 1963 at Palampur (HP). He served in the Indian Army from 1985 to 2009. After his voluntary retirement he moved to Mumbai to pursue writing and film making.


You fight your jihad and I will fight to defend my motherland. Time and history will decide whose war was holy…
This is the spine-chilling, hair-raising story of the boldest covert operation ever undertaken by the Indian Army in the Kashmir Valley. In a fresh impetus, Pakistan infiltrates a group of highly trained and dangerous terror operatives into Srinagar. Led by the Afghani Owasi Bhai, a veteran of the Soviet-Afghan war, their mission is to create mayhem in the Valley and establish supremacy over all other terror groups. They attack army camps, the State Legislative Assembly, and bomb crowded public areas, causing heavy casualties and public panic.
Holy Warriors is the story of the covert counter operation by the Indian Army. Seven handpicked men are sent on a life-or-death mission. Infiltrated into enemy territory, they pose as operatives within the terror groups, their goal to ignite gang warfare and self-destruction. Highly dangerous, with every probability of being shot by their own troops, it was one hell of a mission.
When the last page is turned it is left to the reader to decide whose are the Holy Warriors – the men fighting to defend their motherland, or those slaughtering in the name of religion.

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