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Children of War


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Lt. Col. Aryan Ved had come a long way from being an orphan in a govenment-run institution. After undergoing some of the most intense and rigorous military training known to man, he is now a member of Black Team One that specialises in hunting down terrorists who threaten Indian soil and citizens. When Black Team One uncovers a conspiracy to unleash a nuclear holocaust on India, Aryan and his team must step up and confront a mysterious terrorist organisation called “The Brotherhood”; its members have already infiltrated India’s borders with a stolen nuclear warhead. Aryan faces his toughest battle yet as he hunts the Brotherhood’s leaders in a dangerous race against time. Treacherous armed interventions and deadly battles take place, from the deserts sands of Afghanistan and Libya, to the perilous outskirts of Somalian districts, as the terrorist network threatens to destroy millions of Indian lives. At 5,000 metres, hovering over Delhi’s skyline, Aryan and his team may have to make the ultimate sacrifice to prevent the bomb from being dropped.

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